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Design And Project Drawings, Pre-Cut Sauna Kit

Partnering with Professionals

Get Builder Pricing At Scandia, we value our relationships with builders. Especially when considering a Pre-Cut sauna kit, a builder's input and expertise is invaluable when retrofitting an existing space
Modular Home Sauna, Scandia Modular Sauna Kit

Scandia Modular Sauna Kit

If you’re still unsure about how an in-home sauna will fit into your daily life, a Scandia Modular Sauna Kit might just be perfect for you. They can be placed
scandia sauna gas heater gas sauna heater

Gas Sauna Heaters from Scandia

Scandia is one of the only manufacturers of Gas Fired Sauna Heaters in the country. Available in 40K or 80K BTU, our gas fired sauna heaters are the best sauna
Custom Home Sauna, sauna kit parts cedar sauna

Scandia Custom Home Sauna Kits

When you're looking for a custom home sauna kit, they're are a lot of things to consider. Will I need to cut these boards myself? Will enough wood arrive for
Scandia Modular Sauna

Everyday Relaxation with an At-Home Sauna

  The comfort of a At-Home Sauna is just a few clicks away when you order a Pre-cut Sauna or Scandia Modular Sauna. With either of these options With either