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A Powerzone for Every Space

Odds are that you’ve recently sent out an email or posted to your social media assuring your clientele that you are taking every possible precaution against the rapidly spreading coronavirus

The Most Sanitary Room in the Gym

With the ever growing focus on cleanliness and disinfection, gathering places such as schools, movie theaters, and gyms and their housekeeping standards are under extreme scrutiny. Most gyms (if not

What is the Powerzone?

An introduction to the most necessary piece of sterilization equipment you don’t have yet. Mold, bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms are effectively mitigated by the Powerzone series of O3 generators.

Ozone vs. Coronavirus

An article published in the Thailand Medical News presents strong evidence that the utilization of ozone (O3) is a contender in the fight to kill coronaviruses (specifically COVID-19) in the air

How to Troubleshoot The Sauna High-Limit Switch

How to Troubleshoot The Sauna High-Limit Switch The high-limit switch is an extremely important part of a sauna heater design. So most know that a timer and a thermostat are used