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 Advanced Hybrid Steam Rooms

hybrid steam room spa wellness

The Advanced Hybrid Steam Room:

Our Hybrid Steam Rooms require less maintenance and energy to operate than traditional steam rooms. Innovating around the pitfalls of a tile and grout, which require many hours to heat and breed bacteria, our acrylic panel system and Power Zone ® make for easy maintenance and guaranteed cleanliness in your Advance Hybrid Steam Room. Our residential steam rooms are more energy efficient than using tile, ceramic or stone. We use commercial grade acrylic instead, resulting in a more sanitary, lower maintenance, Eco friendly steam room .

hybrid steam room spa wellness

Our Eco-friendly Steam Room System:

Cost Efficiency: Our residential steam rooms are 50% more energy efficient than stone and tile rooms, and 30% more efficient than ceramic steam rooms. For you, this means less money spent on energy and hundreds in saving each year.

Cleanliness: Compared to traditional steam rooms, our Advanced Hybrid Steam room is superiourly clean. Our innovative Power Zone technology and use of commercial materials ensures a sanitary unit.

Maintenance: Our steam rooms require less maintenance compared to traditional steam rooms. With a Power Zone, just wipe down walls and seats after each use.

Installation: Our modular acrylic panels take most of the work out of steam room installation. In most cases, our steam room can be installed and ready in a day and installation costs remain low as no waterproofing is necessary, and room preparation is simple.

What's the difference?

Traditional Steam Rooms:

Moist steam room interiors constructed from tile, stone and grout create a favorable environment for bacteria to breed. Temperatures hovering between 105 to 110, coupled with the porous grout and wet environment make it possible for mold, mildew, viral material, and bacteria to flourish. The moisture, lack of light, and warm temperature allow bacteria to multiply quickly calling into question the health efficacy of these units. After each use, deep cleaning with harsh chemicals is required to sanitize grout,  leading to grout deterioration which eventually requires retiling.

The Advanced Hybrid Steam Room:

Our advanced hybrid steam rooms are the sanitary, energy efficient alternative to the traditional steam room. Our walls are a modular, acrylic paneling system. We use these commercial grade materials because there are no crevices for bacteria to breed and can be wiped clean. Our Power Zone sanitizes the circulating air, making our Advanced Hybrid Steam room a clean and healthy alternative to traditional steam rooms. With a clean, sanitary steam room, you can reap the healthy benefits of regular steam room usage.

hybrid steam room spa wellness steam rooms

“Certainly lives up to it’s promise… zero maintenance and the members love them!”

— French McGee, Hockessin Athletic Club, Hockessin, DE