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Builders Program

Preferred Builders are an integral component of Scanida Manufacturing’s Home Products. We rely on partnerships with outstanding local contractors to keep our business thriving. We receive builder recommendation requests from homeowners on a weekly basis.

Join our growing team of builders and connect to new business opportunities, potentially secure more consistent work and increase your revenue as a result!

Benefit from this powerful opportunity

Ordering parts and pieces from multiple manufacturers and sellers can cause improper heater sizing, incorrect material types and incomplete installation instructions. Ordering a complete custom sauna from Scandia eliminates those possible missteps and provides you an easy process from start to finish. We’ve been manufacturing saunas and heaters in the US for over fifty years, and with the highest quality materials and exceptional customer service, Scandia is the perfect partner for any custom sauna project.

If your client is searching for a more traditional, built in sauna, our pre-cut sauna will turn virtually any room into a custom sauna. Scandia Manufacturing will cut Western Red Cedar to your specifications, and ship it to you. With the wood cut to your specifications as well Scandia’s step by step instructions you will be ready to convert almost any room into a beautiful, custom sauna.

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Benefit from our first-class customer service crew

Relax in knowing that you, the Service Provider, have the right support when you need it. If you run into problems installing one of our gas or electric heaters you can contact us to get expert support. We are the manufacturer and we know our products inside and out.

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