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Scandia Ultra Sauna Electric Heater


Traditional Finnish sauna heater designed for use in a cedar sauna room. The sleek, compact, and 100% stainless steel design creates a heater that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Our heater utilizes convection style air flow, and is a wall mounted unit that is directly wired into the building. Includes elevated rock tray designed to prevent water application from damaging the unit. This heater requires an electrical supply. Includes all wire connections and supplied leads rated for high temperature application. UL Code mandates heaters attain a maximum temperature of 194 degrees Fahrenheit (30 Celsius).

Clear Selections

3.0 kw, 4.5 kw, 6.0 kw, 7.5 kw, 9.0 kw, 12.0 kw, 15.0 kw, 18.0 kw

Heater Phase

Single Phase, Three Phase


208 Volt, 240 Volt

Thermostat Location

Control Box, Heater


60 min, 24hrs


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