High Temperature Steam Room & Sauna Alarm

Gain control of your sauna and steam room temperature.


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Our High Temperature Sauna and Steam Room Alarm reduces risk, activates alerts, automates shutdowns and limits wear and tear on your facility sauna or steam room equipment.

Meets New York City Code Section 165.63: Sauna and Steam Rooms requirements.

Solving a Common Problem

A common problem all facilities face are guests using the sauna or steam room and tampering with the heating sensor. Scandia’s High Temperature Sauna & Steam Room Alarm works independently of the sensor built into the heating unit. The sensor on our alarm continually monitors the room temperature and will manually shut down the heater if it senses the temperature rising above the allowed levels. The maximum allowed heat level is set by you the facility owner and can be adjusted at any time via your alarm dashboard.

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Hi Temp Alarm Siren

Front Desk Alerts

SMS Text Alerts

Email Alerts

In Room Panic Button
(optional for Saunas only)

Remote Data

Remote Computer Dashboard

Front Desk Notifications


Independent Heat Sensor

Automatic Heater
Shut Off

Automatic Temperature Control

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Health Safety

In-­Room Panic Button (sauna only), when triggered, instantly initiates a signal system for rapid assistance. When saunas guests feel uncomfortable or dizzy, the easily accessible panic button triggers the following actions:

1)   Shuts down sauna system

2)    Triggers a 85db alarm outside of the room

3)     Initiates an alert notification on the front desk staff computer application

4)     Presents a message on the alarm LCD screen (outside of room) stating
assistance is needed inside

High Temperature Sauna and Steam Room Alarm
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