Power Zone Sterilizer

Power-Zone Sterilizer



Revolutionary Automatic Cleaning System
Mold, mildew, bacteria and that ubiquitous musty smell are a thing of the past. Chlorine, chemicals and scrubbing are also eliminated with the Power-Zone. Designed specifically to remedy the on-going sanitary concerns of the commercial sauna and steam room, using the principals of corona discharge. The Power-Zone is the industries first sauna and steam automatic sanitization system. This
system is environmentally friendly and reduces the use of toxic chemicals and costly man hours dedicated to cleaning saunas and steam rooms.
Research, Development and Evolution
Am-Finn is a world leading manufacturer of sauna and steam room equipment. As one of the largest global suppliers to the hospitality and recreation industries, Am-Finn continually invests in product development that res ult in longer lasting, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible products.

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