Steam Shield 8000

Steam Shield 8000



Industry’s Most Advanced Boiler Filter

Steam SHIELD 8000 – Health industry’s firs t filter designed specifically for steam boiler and steam generator applications. The Steam SHIELD 8000 has been independently tested by an E.P.A approved laboratory to ANSI/NFS Standard 42 specifications for the reduction of Particulate Class II, Chlorine, Chloramine, Taste and Odor. Industry’s best five-year warranty.

Dual stage filter using high-efficiency resin and
ultra-high porosity carbon.

  • Reduces Scale Build-Up on Heating Elements and the Steam Distribution Systems
  • Reduces scale build-up on the steam room interior, walls, benches, doors and glass.
  • Reduces musty odor smell and discoloration of tile, grout, doors and glass.
  • Reduces build-up on thermostat sensor probe ensuring generator’s reliable temperature performance.


  • Significant reduction of steam room downtime and member satisfaction.
  • Significant life extension of element and thermostat sensor probe.
  • Steam room interior and components look better – longer.
  • Significant reduction of mineral and musty smells commonly found in commercial steam rooms.
  • Cleaner steam creates a cleaner more pleasant steam bath experience.
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance.
Weight18 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 24 in


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