• Scandia Sauna Wood Oil

    Give your sauna a proper sauna wood treatment with Scandia 100% Natural and Organice Sauna Wood Oil with a unique blend of aromatic oils. Sauna wood oil is for use on all interior wood surfaces of your sauna. Regular use of Sauna Oil will enhance your sauna experience through the restoration of the wood's original aroma as well as extend the life of your sauna by increasing its resistance to pests and mildew. Volume: One US Gallon (3.8 liters) Weight: 8 Lbs (3.6 Kg)
  • Sauna Door

    Cedar Sauna Door.Comes with a 14" x 61" or a 26" x 61" glass vision panel depending on door width, full door jamb, casing, door stop, hinges and cedar door handle.Available sizes: 24" x 78" / 30" x 78" / 36" x 78"
  • Sauna Heater Guard Rail

    Cedar guard rail for electric sauna heaters. Comes with three sides, mounting options for corner or standard wall placement.Dimensions: Medium (for 6-9KW heaters) - 27-1/2" w x 19" d x 36" hLarge (for 12-18KW heaters) - 45" w x 27" d x 36" h
  • Sauna Light

    Round and oval styles available. These are high temperature, shatter proof light designed specifically for your sauna.
  • High Temperature Sauna & Steam Room Alarm

    A turnkey solution for a large and common problem sauna and steam room facility owners face: Do you have guests use your sauna or steam room, and tamper with the heat sensor. Scandia’s High Temperature Sauna & Steam Room Alarm works independently of the sensor built into the heating unit. The sensor on our alarm continually monitor’s the room temperature and will manually shut down the heater if it senses the temperature rising above safe levels. The maximum allowed heat level is set by you the facility owner and can be adjusted at any time via your alarm dashboard.Scandia's Sauna Alarm is an always connected devise that sends SMS text and email alerts when the sauna heater or steam generator is shut down. Scandia has developed an online dashboard for remote temperature monitoring. We offer in room Emergency Stop Buttons for an upgraded price as well.
  • Sauna Head Rest

    Our Head rests are made with Grade A Western Red Cedar.Available size: 10 1/2" Wide x 15 1/2" Long
  • Thermometer/Hygrometer

    Combined Thermometer and Hygrometer measures room temperature and humidity, 5" diameter.
  • Sauna Door Handle

    Wooden Sauna Door Handle Dimensions: 8" L x 3" D x 1.5" W
  • Himalayan Salt Panel

    Always innovating in the industry, we’ve developed the best method of incorporating Himalayan Pink Salt into your new or existing sauna. With our patent pending mounting system, installation is made simple. Adding panels with plug and play LED lighting or without, is as simple as putting together building blocks.All of our Engineered Salt Wall Panels include 100% natural Himalayan salt blocks. The panels are removable for easy maintenance and repair. Standard Package Includes:One mounting bracket for snap together paneling One 100% Himalayan Salt block - 15.5" wide X 17.25" high X 1.75" thickLED Upgrade Includes:LED lighting with quick connectors for installing multiple panels.