• Steam Room Door Handle

    Chrome steam door handle, 10", back to back.
  • Steam Room Light

    Circular, high temperature, shatter proof light designed specifically for your steam room.
  • Steam Shield 8000

    Industry's Most Advanced Boiler FilterSteam SHIELD 8000 - Health industry’s firs t filter designed specifically for steam boiler and steam generator applications. The Steam SHIELD 8000 has been independently tested by an E.P.A approved laboratory to ANSI/NFS Standard 42 specifications for the reduction of Particulate Class II, Chlorine, Chloramine, Taste and Odor. Industry’s best five-year warranty.
  • Power-Zone Sterilizer

    Revolutionary Automatic Cleaning System Mold, mildew, bacteria and that ubiquitous musty smell are a thing of the past. Chlorine, chemicals and scrubbing are also eliminated with the Power-Zone. Designed specifically to remedy the on-going sanitary concerns of the commercial sauna and steam room, using the principals of corona discharge. The Power-Zone is the industries first sauna and steam automatic sanitization system. This system is environmentally friendly and reduces the use of toxic chemicals and costly man hours dedicated to cleaning saunas and steam rooms. Research, Development and Evolution Am-Finn is a world leading manufacturer of sauna and steam room equipment. As one of the largest global suppliers to the hospitality and recreation industries, Am-Finn continually invests in product development that res ult in longer lasting, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible products.
  • Steam Generator Descaling Agent

    Scandia Descaling Release Agent utilizes all-natural, non-toxic, food grade citric acid for use in descaling commercial steam room generators affected by hard water build-up. When used as directed, this agent has proven to be a safe and effective way to descale and maintain efficient operation of generators.Benefits: Incorporating Descaling Release Agent into your normal generator maintenance routine may help extend equipment lifespan and maximize efficient generator operation. Secondary benefits include the release of a mild citrus aroma upon use.Volume: 32 oz (914 grams)Note: Must be mixed with water. Minimum water to compound ratio 1:1, maximum suggested ratio 4:1.
  • Scandia Ultra Sauna Gas Fired Heater

    A gas fired floor mounted sauna heater with a design that blends both style and comfort making this heater a perfect centerpiece for your sauna. Its beautiful design is something you’ll want to show off. Our gas heaters are available for liquid propane or natural gas with a standing pilot light or a piezo ignition system.  Fresh air and proper exhaust ventilation necessary for any gas fired appliance are required for this heater. The design includes steel back panel assembly that ensures proper ventilation and air flow within the heater.
  • Scandia Ultra Sauna Electric Heater

    Traditional Finnish sauna heater designed for use in a cedar sauna room. The sleek, compact, and 100% stainless steel design creates a heater that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Our heater utilizes convection style air flow, and is a wall mounted unit that is directly wired into the building. Includes elevated rock tray designed to prevent water application from damaging the unit. This heater requires an electrical supply. Includes all wire connections and supplied leads rated for high temperature application. UL Code mandates heaters attain a maximum temperature of 194 degrees Fahrenheit (30 Celsius).
  • Modular Pre-Cut Sauna – 2×6 log wall – With Gas Heater

    Each modular sauna kit is built using 2 x 6 tongue in groove Tight Knot Western Red Cedar cut to specification. Each kit comes complete with only the best commercial quality materials and components.Pre-fabricated walls and ceiling made of solid 2x6 double-tongue, double-groove Western Red Cedar Sauna benches Sauna heater and controls with 60-min timer Heater guard rail Sauna light fixture Accessories kit: wooden bucket with plastic liner, wooden ladle, thermometer/hygrometer set PVC removable interlocking tile for traffic area only (not underneath benches or heater) 24"x 78" Cedar sauna door with 14" x 61" vision panel window, insulated Installation InstructionsPlease allow a minimum of one foot clearance all around the sauna for proper construction.Please note that this product will be shipped to you in a large crate via liftgate truck delivery. Due to this we can only ship to the lower 48 states.Our modular saunas do not contain a floor. The floor must be waterproof and provided by the homeowner. The Modular Sauna contains all interior and exterior parts.