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Scandia Ultra Sauna Gas Fired Heater


A gas fired floor mounted sauna heater with a design that blends both style and comfort making this heater a perfect centerpiece for your sauna. Its beautiful design is something you’ll want to show off. Our gas heaters are available for liquid propane or natural gas with a standing pilot light or a piezo ignition system.  Fresh air and proper exhaust ventilation necessary for any gas fired appliance are required for this heater. The design includes steel back panel assembly that ensures proper ventilation and air flow within the heater.

Clear Selections
Weight300-500 lbs
Dimensions48 × 48 × 48 in

Pilot, Piezo

Fuel Type

Natural Gas, Liquid Propane


60 min, 24 hours


40,000, 80,000

Elevation Above Sea Level

0' – 1500', 1501' – 2000', 2001' – 2500', 2501' – 4500', 4501' – 5500', 5501' – 6500', 6501' – 7500', 7501' – 8500', 8501' – 9000', 9001' – 9500', 9501' – 10250', 10251' – 10500'

Wall Extensions

None – My exterior venting wall is 5.5 inches thick or less, 40,000 btu wall extensions, 80,000 btu wall extensions

Sauna Heater Venting

Horizontally through wall to outside – flue cap, Vertically through wall to elbow and draft hood


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