Traditional Sauna Heaters & Accessories.

We are the original manufacturer of Ultra Sauna Heaters

Since 1964 Scandia has been the leader in manufacturing traditional sauna heaters. Since then we have developed many innovations in the sauna and steam room industry. Today we provide sauna kits, heaters, and accessories to help you make the perfect home sauna experience.

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Traditional Saunas & Steam Rooms Since 1964


Ultra Gas Sauna Heaters


Our traditional Ultra Sauna gas fired heater is made from 100% stainless steel and features an extra large rock tray that instantly transforms your sauna into a steam sauna. More efficient than an electric heater, the Ultra Sauna delivers a quality of heat that cannot be achieved by an electric heater. The Ultra Sauna gas fired heater is an ideal choice for your traditional sauna.


Complete Sauna Kits


We provide fully cut and ready to assemble Modular Saunas. Scandia's complete modular sauna kit is a free standing structure that can be located in almost any room or covered space. Each modular sauna kit is built using 2 x 6 tongue in groove clear western red cedar cut to specification. Each kit comes complete with only the best commercial quality materials and components.


Featured Products


Advanced Hybrid Steam Room


Scandia is the original innovator/manufacturer of the“Hybrid Steam Room” that combinines unique construction and material approach with advanced self-cleaning (Powerzone) technology. The Advanced Hybrid Steam cuts energy costs by 50% and eliminates the need for daily cleaning and the use of harsh chemicals. Today, many architects only specify hybrid steam rooms - citing tile rooms as a thing of the past. Many of the nation's top fitness organizations have begun the transition from problematic tile to efficient and sanitary Hybrid Steam rooms, including organizations such as Gold´s Gym, YMCA and professional sports franchises.