Our Website Redesign!

Scandia Manufacturing’s website redesign launched yesterday, and we are ecstatic about it. Created with our customers in mind, we‘ve streamlined our information flow making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Additional features have been added like the ability to create wish lists under an account so it’s accessible from any device. We’ve also introduced our builder program on the new site, so partnering with a contractor to assist in your sauna project has never been easier. Explore our the new scandiamfg.com and discover how a sauna from Scandia can become a part of your daily routine. 

Scandia Modular Sauna Kit

If you’re still unsure about how an in-home sauna will fit into your daily life, a Scandia Modular Sauna might just be perfect for you. They can be placed in any indoor/outdoor covered space, which makes them perfect for a backyard escape. All of our modular saunas are made from the highest quality Western Red Cedar and includes all of the accessories as well as a Scandia Ultra Sauna Heater. If you’re interested in taking your sauna experience up a notch, consider adding our Himalayan Salt Panels to create an all-encompassing home spa environment.

 Scandia recently donated a Modular Sauna with installed Pink Himalayan Salt Panels to the 40th Annual Wild West Game Dinner in Sun Valley, Idaho. The modular sauna was auctioned off to benefit ski education, and will be the perfect way for the winner to unwind after a long day on the ski hill.  Even if you haven’t spent all day out in the snow, a Scandia Modular Sauna is the perfect way to escape the day-to-day stresses of modern life. Check out our Modular Sauna Page for more information. 

Gas Sauna Heaters from Scandia

Scandia Gas Fired Heater

Scandia is one of the only manufacturers of Gas Fired Sauna Heaters in the country. Available in 40K or 80K BTU, our gas fired sauna heaters are the best sauna heaters on the market. Why? Here are 5 reasons why you should order your sauna heater from Scandia.

  1. Our gas fired heaters and stoves can utilize either liquid propane or natural gas.
  2. Instead of a pilot light, our heaters are available with a piezo electric ignition system that runs on a battery pack.
  3. The heat from our gas fired sauna heater is warm and friendly rather than overwhelming and suffocating.
  4. Our heaters are designed as traditional dry sauna heaters, yet our exclusive pan design has the ability to transform your heater into a Russian or Turkish sauna heater. Whether dry or with the bursts of steam of a Russian/Turkish sauna, your heater will be ideal for whatever sauna you're envisioning.
  5. Finally, we aren't just selling you our gas sauna heater. Since we also design and manufacture our heaters in the USA, we are able to provide you the best support when it comes to upkeep and repairs.  

Contact us today with any questions or to order your gas fired heater today. 

Scandia Custom Home Sauna Kits


When you're looking for a custom home sauna kit, they're are a lot of things to consider. Will I need to cut these boards myself? Will enough wood arrive for my room? Are benches included? The list goes on and on. Ordering from Scandia eliminates the guessing game. 

With constant customer support, from ordering to maintenance years after your sauna is completed, Scandia is there for you every step of the way. We will not only cut our Grade A Western Red Cedar planks to your room specifications, we can refer a builder in your area who we've partnered with before, to ensure a beautiful end sauna.

Finally, a Pre-Cut sauna kit, includes everything in the price you see online--heater included. There are no last minute upgrades or hidden costs. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and beautiful craftsmanship in all of the products we manufacture here, in the United States. Contact us today for more information.  

Why You Should Order Your Sauna Kit From Scandia

Lots of places offer sauna kits, so why should you order from Scandia? For starters, we do more than just sell saunas. We are the manufacturers of every piece of our Sauna kits, including our 100% stainless steel heaters that come with each of our sauna kits. With Grade A Western Red Cedar, Scandia takes pride in knowing that we provide the highest quality, traditional Finnish saunas at home. Other sellers may claim to be cheaper, and that’s true when it comes to the products they offer; flimsy knock-offs that won’t provide the experience or quality you deserve. With Scandia Sauna kits, customers receive everything they need, and the cost of that is represented on our site. That means there are no last minute additional add-ons that need to be paid for to complete your sauna. Eliminate short and long-term headaches by ordering your sauna kit from Scandia.  

Everyday Relaxation with an At-Home Sauna

The comfort of a home sauna is just a few clicks away when you order a pre-cut or modular sauna from Scandia.  With either of these options, you will receive the highest quality home sauna on the market. Scandia is more than a middle man distributor; because we are also the manufacturers of our saunas, we are dedicated to delivering our customers an elevated lifestyle.

 A pre-cut sauna is the perfect option for anyone looking for a custom, in-home sauna. Scandia will cut Grade-A Western Red Cedar for your room to your specifications as well as provide step-by-step installation instructions. For a complete list of the amenities and supplies included with your custom pre-cut sauna, visit our complete sauna kits page.

If a more versatile option is what you’re after, consider Scandia’s Modular Sauna. Our Modular Saunas are freestanding, self-contained rooms that can be placed in almost any room or covered space.

An in-home sauna is easily achievable with Scandia. All of our kits include our top of the line, 100% stainless steel heater, so there are no hidden, last minute additional costs. A painless process to everyday relaxation is easily accessible with an in-home sauna from Scandia. 

Best Sauna Heaters - Finding The Correct Replacement Part

Replacement Heating Element

While our quality is top of the line, we do know that occasionally parts of your heater may need to be replaced, due to use over time.   One of the many benefits of ordering directly through the manufacturer, rather than an online wholesaler, is the ease of ordering replacement parts for your heater. Ordering a replacement part from us means no guesswork about what part you need, because you can speak directly with one of our experts at Scandia who can direct you to the correct part the first time. This eliminates ordering several parts hoping to get the right one, or being sent the wrong part entirely by an online wholesaler. Order our sauna heater and know that should anything ever have to be replaced, whether it be timers, thermostats, or pans, that there won’t be any pain or guesswork involved.

Internet Sauna & Steam Room Alarm

IoT internet connected sauna and steam room alarm

What is the Internet of Things, and why should my sauna be connected? 

The internet of things is the next big step in human ingenuity. It is being hailed as the next industrial revolution. This may seem like hype, believe me it’s not. 

We are already living in a world where the central hub of our life centers around our phone. From it we can connect to a myriad of software, people, social circles, and information. As a child I visited the library on the weekends to learn about the pyramids, today I can go on a hosted live tour of the pyramids, on my phone. I can’t even imagine what my children will be able to do when they are my age. I point this out to illustrate a point. The Internet of Things is here to stay. It’s not a fad, and it’s not going away. Being connected to the machinery around us is the next step in our connected world. 

Scandia Manufacturing is providing this type of connectivity. As business owners ourselves we know the stress of having a thousand different distractions and items needing our attention. Why let your sauna or steam room’s temperature be one of them? With our connected sauna alarm we can help take that stress off of your shoulders. 

From any connected devise you can receive alerts for when your sauna’s temperature goes above the limit you set. You can log into your dashboard at any time to see what temperature it’s at, in real time. You can rest easy knowing that if a guest or patron tampers with the heater sensor, the sauna alarm sensor will still work independently to shut down the heater remotely. 

Contact Scandia Manufacturing today for more information.

Salt Sauna: Fad or Fav?

Perhaps the fastest growing trend in wellness center and health club design is the inclusion of salt therapy rooms and salt saunas. While salt therapy is relatively new to the American health and wellness industry, it is a long standing and well-trusted practice across Europe and Asia.

Salt therapy (better known as speleotherapy) can be traced back as early as Medieval Times in some countries with the first recorded discovery of speleotherapy occurring in Poland in 1843. Since then, it’s proven respiratory, skin, and allergy benefits have led to increased popularity among mainstream treatment centers as well as health and wellness enthusiasts.

Newly developed Himalayan Salt Saunas combine the proven benefits of both traditional speleotherapy and dry saunas to create a truly unique experience. One of the most notable benefits of a salt sauna is the affect it has on the respiratory system. The lining of our airways have a slight positive charge while salt has a significant negative charge. The attraction between these opposite charges allows the beneficial ions from salt to be carried deep into the lungs, eventually becoming absorbed into the bloodstream. One of the many benefits of this exchange is an anti-inflammatory effect on airways in the lungs. Salt saunas can help eliminate excess mucus and help those suffering from colds, the flu, and in some cases, even COPD and asthma. In addition, natural salts such as sea salt have a cleansing and purifying quality that promote good health.

In addition to entering the body through the respiratory system, salt is also absorbed through the skin. The warmth of a sauna opens the pores of the skin, allowing easy absorption of many of the approximately 80 beneficial minerals present in salt. Many adults who suffer from acne use salt saunas or a home variation of speleotherapy in the treatment of their condition. While it is simply one component of a comprehensive treatment, those who regularly visit salt saunas see an improvement in skin breakouts.

Regular use of salt saunas has also proven to be invaluable with relieving the symptoms of Eczema. Salt sauna sessions increase blood flow in the skin and, much like in the lining of the lungs, works to reduce inflammation, redness, swelling, itching, and drying. While it is not a replacement for appropriate medical care, halotherapy can greatly reduce the frequency and severity of Eczema flare-ups.

Today there are few manufacturers providing true Himalayan Salt therapy solutions with traditional saunas, the largest being Am-Finn Sauna & Steam based out of Idaho.

With the number of architects and club owners embracing this new form of sauna increasing steadily, salt saunas can now be found in numerous resorts, spas, and health centers here in the United States and abroad. It is safe to say that salt saunas are here to stay and will only continue to increase in popularity among American health enthusiasts much like we have seen with traditional saunas and steam rooms in the past several decades. 

Why we use Western Red Cedar

We use Western Red Cedar for its proven ability to absorb moisture without warping or rotting. Western Red Cedar comes from the Pacific Northwest in North America. That area of the country is subjected to notoriously damp, wet weather. The weather produces fungus, insects and rot threaten trees all the time. Any plant that can survive conditions like this do so because they have developed a natural resistance to such conditions. Western Red Cedar is one such plant.

Like any wood, cedar can be damaged in high moisture or high humidity environments; however, it better withstands high moisture environments, and has less propensity to crack, warp, etc. than other wood types. This is also why it works so well in traditional saunas in which it is the custom to pour water over the heater rocks to create bursts of steam (thus raising the moisture level in the air briefly). Western Red Cedar does not crack, warp or change size when it comes in contact with moisture. It can handle swings in temperature with ease, making it perfect for a sauna. On top of this cedar is a beautiful wood. Apply some of our natural wood oil to it regularly and make it shine for years to come!

Western Red Cedar is light and porous which allows it to absorb and reduce noise. If you are looking to make a quiet sanctuary away from distractions, then Western Red Cedar is the wood of choice.

Many people have tried to replace cedar in their construction, but none of the other products can reproduce all of the qualities that Western Red Cedar provides. Scandia Manufacturing is committed to bringing the highest quality products to you, and that is why we chose Western Red Cedar. If you are looking to build your own sauna, or are interested in purchasing one of ours, choose Western Red Cedar.

Differences between a Modular Sauna and a Pre-Cut Sauna


Our Modular Sauna rooms are pre-built and assembled at our manufacturing facility. We then disassemble them, and package them up into a kit. These Modular kits can be reassembled in hours. This type of sauna kit has several advantages over a permanent sauna.

The main advantage of having a Modular Sauna is that it can be disassembled and moved to a new location if you ever decide to move. Compared to a permanently installed sauna, the Modular Sauna is much more portable.

The second major difference is the material used to build a Modular Sauna. We use either 2x6 or 4x6 boards to construct our Modular Saunas. A pre-cut permanent sauna uses 1x4 or 1x6 boards. Using 2x6 boards makes the Modular Sauna much more rigid and sturdy. 

The third major difference is that we do most of the work for you. We will assemble the Modular Sauna before we ship it to you. That means we will drill all of the pilot holes, cut all the boards, and make sure they all  fit together. It should only take a few hours to assemble your Modular Sauna once you receive it.


Saunas and Weight Loss

Sauna Weight Loss Scandia Manufacturing Lifestyle

Do saunas help you lose weight?

Yes and no. Most of us look for ways to drop a few pounds every now and then. Professional athletes have long used saunas to help shed pounds before a sporting event. This is usually to shed water weight before an event. If you are looking to drop a quick few pounds sauna usage can help you do that. Just know that it is water weight and can come back quickly. That being said there are ways regular sauna usage supports weight loss.

Healthy Lifestyle

Diet and exercise are well known as the key components to losing weight and feeling great, but what motivates us to make good decisions in those areas? Lifestyle. How we live our lives is the most important decision we make.

Are we constantly stressed? Stress increases the hormone Cortisol, which contributes to heart disease and weight gain. Stress leads to overeating. Reducing stress in our lives is key to living a healthy lifestyle, and choosing a different way to live. 

That is where a sauna can help. Regular sauna usage can lead to stress reduction and a better lifestyle. A better lifestyle leads to better choices, and truly becoming the person we want to be.

Health Aspects of Traditional Saunas

Health aspects of traditional saunas

Every country in the world has aspects of who they are as a people that makes them unique to everyone else. In some cases, such as Mexico’s Day of the Dead, this is a holiday. In others, it can also be an everyday custom that promotes good health and longevity.  In Finland, for example, there is roughly one sauna heater in each household. For many Americans, this is a difficult concept to imagine as saunas here are often an occasional indulgence, reserved for those that can afford such luxuries or have a few leisure hours.  As we become more health conscious of what we put in and on our body—both food and pharmaceuticals—it is important to realize that healthy choices as far as recreation goes will soon follow.

Weight Loss

One of the biggest issues that most Americans are dealing with today is their weight. An estimated 62% of Americans are overweight and/or obese. Most of us know the long term consequences of carrying around a lot of extra weight and many of us are actively trying to do something about it. Saunas can be very helpful when it comes to reaching weight loss goals. Those who utilize regular sauna sessions, which involve ‘cool off’ periods between sessions in the sauna, can lose as much as 300 calories per session. With traditional Finnish saunas, a client or home owner can do as many sessions as they want—traditionally, one would repeat this cycle at least two or three times. The affect, when combined with sensible dietary choices and a little effort at exercise, is the potential of losing a lot of calories by literally doing nothing but sitting and sweating. If the assault of diet pills and gimmicks is any indication, the prospect of being able to sit still and burn calories will be very attractive to potential customers. And, as they see results, the need for regular visits will become apparent.

Heart Health

A large study—which involved over 12,000 men and women—on the effects of traditional Finnish saunas and congestive heart failure (CHF) revealed that only 77 heart-related deaths occurred in the 6 year follow-up, and only two of those deaths occurred in a sauna. The results seem to indicate that contrary to popular belief, saunas—at least traditional Finnish saunas—are not unhealthy for those who suffer from CHF.

As a matter of fact, similar studies show that traditional Finnish saunas can aid in heart health. Dry air, a high temperature and ventilation make Finnish saunas a beneficial environment for those who have concerns about their heart. Scientists have found that even after just one session, traditional Finnish saunas will raise the heart rate, a major bonus for those who have a healthy heart, without increasing the risk of stroke (thus making those vulnerable to heart failure healthier).  Clients who are concerned about their heart health may find a significant improvement in their heart function with regular visits to a Finnish sauna.

The Value of Detox

One of the biggest parts of a sauna session is sweat. This is no less true in traditional Finnish saunas! Sweating is a result of the body’s natural mechanism for expelling illness and toxins. While inconvenient and at times uncomfortable, the process of rapidly heating the body to the point that we sweat is generally very good. The heat opens pores, which in turn makes one sweat, and allows toxins absorbed through daily contact with chemicals and less than sensible dietary choices escape the body. It also allows dirt, makeup and other grime to escape the skin and, due to the dry nature of traditional Finnish saunas, it doesn’t tend to be an unpleasant, suffocating experience. This offers a unique benefit to traditional Finnish saunas that other sauna techniques cannot provide.

Many people hesitate to go to saunas for a variety of reasons. Some cite concerns about breathing (and in some cases that is valid) while others are concerned about price, privacy or the ‘newness’ of the experience.  Others are bothered by the myth that all saunas are hot, humid places with an atmosphere not unlike staying in a hot shower for an hour. Traditional Finnish saunas pose a different technique to achieve the same healthy results. Yes, they are hot, but it is a dry heat that will likely alleviate many concerns people have about breathing complications and humidity. And, with a ‘cool down’ period following 15-20 minute sessions in the steam room, it makes for a very attractive alternative what many people think of as unhygienic hot, humid, suffocating sweat boxes. 

The importance of ceiling height

Seven feet. That's how tall you want your ceiling height in a traditional sauna. The ceiling height is one of the most important details that is commonly overlooked. Many people want their sauna to have tall ceilings to achieve a certain look for the facility, however this is a mistake.

Hot air rises. That means all the work your heater is doing to get your room to tempurature is going to waste if your sauna's ceiling is too tall. In a standard sauna there are two benches, upper and lower. The upper bench is where most of the heat is. The lower bench is for if you need to cool down a little, or for children who want to be in a sauna. If your ceiling is taller then seven feet the best heat is rising past where you can feel it.

This is one of the most common reasons why your sauna heater isn't heating up. If you are running into this problem start by measuring your ceiling height.

Difference Between Infrared and Traditional Saunas

Traditional saunas are a high heat, low humidity environment. Temperatures range between 80-90°C (185-195°F) and water is splashed over the heater rocks to create a blast of hyper steam and intensify the feeling of heat. For those who enjoy this experience, there is nothing in the world quite like it.

Infrared saunas provide a much milder environment. Infrared rays heat the body directly and the air secondarily. For those who enjoy the “heat bath” experience, but cannot take or do not enjoy traditional saunas, infrared is an excellent alternative.

It is important to keep in mind that the experience is not the same. Many people who have experienced and enjoyed traditional saunas inquire about infrared saunas thinking it will be the same.

Infrared saunas provide a very enjoyable experience, but are different from a traditional sauna. If you know and love traditional saunas, you should seek out information beyond the claims of infrared vendors.

Below lists some of the claims often made and explains them in more detail:


Infrared saunas heat up in less than 10 minutes. Traditional saunas require 45-90 minutes.

Correct Information

Infrared saunas heat to between 120°F to 150°F. Traditional saunas to 195°F. Infrareds heat up in about 10-20 minutes. A traditional sauna, sized properly, will heat a sauna in 20-35 minutes. However, Heating up an infrared only provides for that “toasty” feeling. To perspire, you must be exposed to the infrared rays. It generally takes 12-20 minutes of exposure to begin sweating.


Traditional saunas are expensive to operate.

Correct Information

Electrical costs are a direct reflection of heater size and operating time. The average electrical cost is 7 cents per kw hour. A 1.6 kW infrared sauna will cost 5-10 cents per use. A 6 kw traditional sauna will cost 40-50 cents. Most people use their sauna once or twice per week. So while it is true that traditional cost more, in either case costs are measured in pennies, not dollars.


Infrared saunas assemble in minutes, while traditional saunas take days and require special installation.

Correct Information

Infrared saunas come primarily as pre-fabricated panels that snap or screw together. While they are relatively simple to assemble, it is more realistic to assume 1-2 hours for assembly. Traditional saunas are most popularly purchased as do-it yourself kits, which take a few days to install. There are also pre-fab traditional saunas that are built in essentially the same way as infrareds-that is panels that are simply screwed together. And they too can be assembled in a couple of hours.


Traditional saunas require special electrical work. Infrareds plug into any outlet.

Correct Information

Traditional do require a dedicated breaker. While some smaller infrared saunas can plug into any outlet, many mid size to larger require a dedicated 15 or 20 amp plug – which must also be installed by an electrician.


Traditional saunas require a lot of maintenance.

Correct Information

There is absolutely no difference in the amount of maintenance required. Even a heavily used home sauna gets relatively light use – once or twice a week on average. The only maintenance required is to wipe down the walls and benches periodically with a mild solution of water and dish detergent.


Infrared sauna heat is dry and gentle, where traditional saunas are harsh and claustrophobic.

Correct Information

This is really a matter of “to each his own”. It is true that traditional saunas are a harsher environment. For many that is the essence of a sauna – extreme heat with blasts of humidity from splashing the rocks. For those sauna purists, there is nothing else. However, for those who seek the benefits of heat therapy, but do not enjoy traditional saunas, infrareds offer a practical and enjoyable alternative.